Practice Areas

Real Estate

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For most people, real estate transactions involve a healthy amount of risk and often the possibility for serious rewards. Even if it is a transaction that is not focused first on profit, such as with a first home, the risks are still significant. With so much at stake, there is reason to….


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Start-ups as well as established companies often need ongoing legal counsel in many areas, including contract negotiations, lease negotiations, document review, risk management, and general legal advice. Companies also need advice and advocacy when disputes cannot be avoided or….


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Most business owners will deal with contracts and employment issues at some time during the course of general business operations. It could be as simple as hiring a sub-contractor to do a specific job or a major real estate acquisition. If you have employees, you might need to…

Civil Litigation

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If you need to seek damages from a person or an organization, you need a skilled civil litigation attorney on your side. The reality of civil litigation is serious preparation, followed by tenacious litigation as necessary. You need an attorney who knows the process, and you need this attorney now.


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Business owners have many responsibilities, and dealing with disputes may require competent legal representation to solve the issues at stake through negotiation. If you are involved in real estate transactions, employment disputes or contract disputes, it pays to get help from….

Business Law

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Business development begins the moment you make that important decision to start putting your business idea into an active form. There are many decisions to make, and having a great business development legal team on your side can help you turn that idea into a thriving business reality.