Business owners have many responsibilities, and dealing with disputes may require competent legal representation to solve the issues at stake through negotiation. If you are involved in real estate transactions, employment disputes or contract disputes, it pays to get help from a lawyer who has in-depth experience in these areas of business law.

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Attorney Damian R. Castañeda is the man to call when you have business disputes. Much of his work at Castañeda & Company is helping clients solve tough disputes. To do this in a cost-effective manner often means heading to the negotiation table to reach an equitable settlement. Not only does the negotiation process work well for business clients, it is a cost-effective way to keep legal costs to a minimum by avoiding lengthy court appearances.

California Negotiation & Fraud Lawyers

As experienced California Negotiation Lawyers, we understand how to bring parties to satisfactory agreements prior to court. This cost-saving approach works well for clients who want to iron out solutions to potentially expensive legal problems. We enjoy representing underdogs and beating the odds, especially during tough negotiations. Our clients understand that we give them our full attention and are willing to work hard to get the results they want. We enjoy working with small business owners just as much as large business owners, and know that today’s successes lead the way to tomorrow’s business growth and continued success.

Communication and Legal Representation

We communicate case status frequently to clients, so they are not left in the dark wondering what their lawyers are up to. We are ready to help clients grow their businesses, acquire new businesses and manage employee matters. Each step of business growth needs to be on sound legal footing, to avoid future problems and to reduce the potential for costly disputes. Contact Castañeda & Company today to discover how we can help make your business dreams become a reality. From start-up to expansion, we can help you get the successful results you want, in an affordable manner. There is no substitute for accurate, informed, experienced legal advice and representation. Get in touch with us now, at our law offices in San Jose, California; call 408-998-5888 or email us today.