Civil Litigation

If you need to seek damages from a person or an organization, you need a skilled civil litigation attorney on your side. The reality of civil litigation is serious preparation, followed by tenacious litigation as necessary. You need an attorney who knows the process, and you need this attorney now.

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California Civil Litigation Lawyers

When you have been wronged, you often have legal options to pursue the party that caused you harm. If the case is not criminal in nature, such as when a company fails to honor a contract, you can pursue this party in civil court. But to do so effectively, you need a law firm that is not adverse to confrontation. With 13 years of civil litigation experience, Castañeda & Company knows what it takes to see your case successful, no matter whom or what stands in your way.

Our firm has gone up against some of the biggest companies out there, including Google, Adobe and Bank of America. We are not afraid to face off with strong adversaries, and we consider it a point of pride that we will do everything it takes to ensure a favorable verdict for you or your company. You may not have the deep pockets of these giant companies, but you do have access to the kind of attorney that can go head to head with the biggest organizations.

Cases Big And Small

Although our firm is capable of litigating with the big boys, we have also spent over a decade helping everyday people and businesses with cases both big and small. With offices in San Jose & Oakland, California, we work with a wide range of clients. Our approach to each and every case has always remained the same – we want to do work we are proud of. This commitment shines through in everything we do.

If you need a civil litigation attorney, please contact our firm as soon as possible. The quicker we begin preparing your case, the better your odds of success.