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“ We are very grateful for Damian’s help with our lawsuit. He responded immediately and eased our concerns. After a few phone calls and emails he was able to get the $100K+ lawsuit brought against us withdrawn. We are so thankful that we had Damian on our side and highly recommend him”

- M. D. Clayton, CA (5 star review)

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When he was putting together legal papers, his work was complete and polished unlike the work of others we saw that had many typos or was not easy to read or follow. He was very generous with us in our case and we will always be grateful to him. Damian won us a settlement that will allow us to repair damages to our home.”

He is a great person, and a lawyer who is professional and informative. He treated me like a friend not just a client or a dollar sign. Thanks a lot to those who recommended him on Yelp so I could find him. Thanks a lot Damian for your great heart, who you are and your hard work.

Laura Zellman recently helped me resolve a dispute I had with an appliance store. I was unhappy with my refrigerator once I got it home, and they were refusing to take my purchase back, even though it was brand new and unused. Since their return policy was not posted correctly throughout their store, I was able (with Laura’s help) to finally return the refrigerator. Even better, I ended up buying a mattress from the store, so everyone came out ahead. Bravo, Laura!.

Damian was very helpful when I called to discuss a potential legal dispute. With no notice whatsoever, he took time to listen, ask questions, and provide useful feedback. I was very satisfied with my experience.

Castaneda & Company, 2131 The Alameda, Ste C, San Jose, CA 95126. (408) 998-5888